Thursday, August 11, 2005

OH CHIP. Our boating Adventure

Early in 2004, at the beginning of the boating season, we left the breakwater and set out for a day on the bay. Ticka-ticka-ticka-ticka-ticka was the sound the Merc (2000, 200 EFI, about 125 hours) outboard started to make. Slowing down to a crawl, and heading back to the harbor 1/2 mile away, the sound continued and then -- the engine stopped. Seized up. Nada. A call to TowBoat/US brought help and a tow ($350, but covered by insurance) back to our slip. It seems we had a metal chip -- OK, it was BIGGER than a "chip" -- it was a piece of gear that broke, destroyed the lower unit totally and, in effect, put an end to the 2004 season for us. Merc was no help - 2nd owner, out of warranty, blah blah. $4,668 and a month later, we were back on the water.

Should I have this made into a necklace?

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