Wednesday, October 05, 2011

So Long, Steve

I am proud to say that my first computer was a Lisa, plopped on my desk in 1983. I'm proud to say I never looked back. I'm also proud that my entire family has now gone to the bright side. I can't believe I actually have tears in my eyes. "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish"

It's been a great ride.

Dear Steve,
I sold my MBP. I'm editing my blog on an iPad. Thanks man, the iPad is going to be ubiquitous. You were a true visionary. You could see the things that ordinary pieces could become. You valued the artists, and they served you well. Who will the copiers now copy from? Thanks for the ride.

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ArtLvr said...

Thanks, Adam, for your salute to Steve Jobs and also for the notes on your mother-in-law. I think I have all my marbles (or most of them) for now, but can easily imagine the day when well-meaning kids pack me up and move me to some old-age home. I just hope they will try to stay in touch as much and as caringly as you have!

Best regards, ArtLvr